A Full Treatment Guide For Anti Aging - Fotona 4D

Fotona 4D end lifting is an anti-aging treatment. It includes 4 innovative procedures that operate. It makes it possible for accomplishing stunning effects in anti-aging treatment. Depending upon the quality of your skin, Fotona 4D End lifting will have an advantageous effect on the look of your face, neck, as well as cleavage in a relatively short time. The uniqueness of this technique is based upon the combination of two complementing wavelengths of the Er: YAG and Nd: YAG lasers, thanks to which the procedures of remodeling internal and also external layers of the skin are activated. Go here for more details https://www.cliniquechloe.com/en/face/face-laxity/4d

Effects After Surgical Treatment For Anti Aging

- leveling, making wrinkles shallow,
- firming the skin,
- leveling the color, structure (discoloration, fragile scars) of the skin,
- skin regeneration,
- filling of nasolabial folds,
- lowering the visibility of the pores

During the therapy, a small burning experience may occur, which is a desirable sensation. After a couple of days, a gentle exfoliation may occur. For a couple of days, the skin may be red, somewhat irritated. It is advised to make use of suitable mitigation preparations.

- indicators
- wrinkles
- skin flaccidity
- uneven skin texture
- fragile discoloration
- furrows around the eyes, lips (nasal-labial, smoker's lines, laughter, crow's feet)
- large pores
- the absence of skin firmness
- delicate dilated capillaries
- falling face oval (so-called hamsters)
- flaccidity and wrinkles around the neck
- wrinkles on the neckline
- gray, tired, earthy skin
- skin with photoaging symptoms
- thin skin
How To Prepare For The 4D Fractional Laser Surgery

In 4D fractional laser treatment, the make-up ought to be removed and the contact lenses ought to be removed, and also the oral cavity should be cleaned with oral lotion. If required, eliminate unneeded hair with the assistance of a disposable shaver in the places to be dealt with.

1. EndoLifting: In the initial stage, stimulation of collagen fibers contraction happens. For this purpose, the Er: YAG laser gently heats tissues inside the mouth. This therapy is focused on the generalized rise of tension as well as elasticity of tissues subjected to surgery as well as shallowing the nasolabial furrows.
2. Frac3D: Then, the procedure of non-ablative restoration of certain, much deeper imperfections is carried out on the face and also neck. The fractional 3D impact creates high-temperature points on the skin at different midsts. This is a supplement to the Endo Lifting mode used to improve skin enlarging.
3. Piano: In the third stage, fast heating of the skin takes place, concentrating on the supply of energy up to the subcutaneous tissue. For this purpose, the ultra-long pulse of the Nd: YAG laser is used.
4. Superficial: The treatment ends with a laser peel. Delicate, cold ablation with the Er: YAG laser is performed to further enhance the appearance, smooth the skin as well as minimize skin imperfections.

How Long Does The FOTONA 4D Treatment Last?

The fundamental Fotona 4D treatment for face lasts minimum 1.5 hours. Plus Laser Package minimum 30 min as well as anesthesia, depending upon the patient's preferences as well as parameters of the planned surgical procedure from 30 minutes to an hour.

Is The Fotona 4D Laser Therapy Safe?

The treatment with the Fotona Spectro SP laser is fairly low-invasive as well as risk-free. All this, thanks to the homogeneous absorption, i.e. absorption of the laser beam in the skin as well as its low absorption in melanin - a pigment found in the skin, which ensures the safety of use in all types or skin phototypes.
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